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NKO® the inventor of krill oil

NKO was the world's first krill oil B2B brand that launched a new market of krill oil supplements that have seen meteoric growth for nearly two decades. Some of the first research projects to elucidate the health benefits of krill oil were performed in the 1990s and the subsequent promising results led to the launch of NKO in 2003.


What sets krill oil apart in the supplement market?

from antarctica

Pure and plentiful

Krill live near the bottom of the food chain and are harvested from the pure and pristine waters of Antarctica. Krill are a plentiful source and part of the largest biomass on earth. 

natural complex

Unique structure

Krill oil is a natural complex of nutrients that all work together to support your health via the powerful combination of Marine Phospholipids of Omega-3 EPA and DHA, Choline and Astaxanthin.

science based

Head-to-toe benefits

Science shows that krill oil has positive effects on the heart, joints, skin and recovery from exercise as well as general health and wellbeing.


Sustainable and traceable

Sustainable and accountable fishery with quota limits and traceable certifications.

Pure and plentiful

From the pure waters of Antarctica

Krill are shrimp-like crustaceans that reside in all oceans across the world. Antarctic krill (Euphausia Superba) live in the pure and pristine waters of the Antarctic Ocean and represent one of the most abundant marine biomasses on the planet.

Due to the pristine and untouched nature of the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica and its low position in the food chain, krill contain an extremely low level of environmental toxins.

Krill feed on marine algae that produce the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are integrated and absorbed by the krill's body. These omega-3 fatty acids can then be extracted into krill oil which carries other beneficial components such as phospholipids, choline, and astaxanthin. It is this particular combination of elements that makes krill and krill oil unique in the dietary supplement and omega-3 market. 

Unique structure

A natural multi nutrient

Krill oil extracted from Antarctic krill is a pure and natural complex of nutrients that all work together to support your health via the powerful combination of marine phospholipids of omega-3 EPA and DHA, choline and astaxanthin.

This combination of important nutrients is the basis for krill oil’s uniqueness. Each of krill oil’s major components have shown to have beneficial effects in the body’s cells and tissues. This is the basis of its health benefits in many bodily systems and health conditions.

Head-to-toe health benefits

Science and clinical studies

Aker BioMarine has conducted more than 50 research projects on krill oil, among them many clinical studies demonstrating krill oil health benefits on areas such as heart and joint health, sports and women's health.

Current research on krill oil is being performed to explore its benefits for lupus, sports performance and skin health.

Sustainable Harvesting

One of the most sustainable fisheries in the world

The krill fishery is considered to be one of the most regulated and sustainable fishery in the world. NKO® is certified for sustainability by the nonprofit marine conservation group Friend of the Sea.

Aker Biomarine's mission

Improving human & planetary health

Aker BioMarine believes in a world where all have access to quality nutrition and good health without compromising the future of our planet. 

To us, it makes no sense to take something out of the ocean to improve our health, if it simultaneously compromises the health of the ocean. Ensuring the well-being of the krill biomass and contributing towards a thriving Antarctic ecosystem are among our core priorities.

Your krill oil journey begins here


As part of the largest vertically integrated krill oil supplier in the world, our NKO teams are here to help you with any questions.

We're dedicated to the success of our customers. Whether you need assistance on consumer and industry insights, science and regulatory support,  go to market strategies and more...NKO teams are here to assist you in this journey.