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NKO® by Aker BioMarine 


From the inventor of krill oil

High quality and purity 

NKO® krill oil is a label of a high quality and purity krill oil product with an optimal level of nutrient concentration, less salts and improved odor and taste. 

NKO®  bulk krill oil gives dietary supplement brands the freedom to explore formulation and delivery formats that match their brand positioning and consumer expectations.  

Do you want to know more about our product specifications? Please reach out to our teams to discuss options and possibilities to find the right krill oil for your supplement portfolio.

Cold extraction

Patented production method

NKO® krill oil uses a gentle, patented cold extraction process that guarantees intact maintenance of all the nutrients in the oil. This extraction technology relies solely on low temperature and efficient fractionation methods that remove unwanted salts and other polar constituents. It increases the relative amount of phospholipids by mechanically removing triglycerides. None of these processes involves the use of other solvents besides ethanol and water.

NKO® technology guarantee you a product of the highest quality and purity with high levels of nutrient concentration.

NKO® krill oil is processed in our 180,000 square foot NSF GMP facility in Houston, TX, using one of the best quality standards in the industry.

Why choose NKO from Aker BioMarine?

Our team of industry experts will guide and support you

From fishermen and fisherwomen to scientists and sales professionals, our diverse teams of experts are passionate and customer obsessed and are here to support you across various disciplines such as R&D, NPD, regulatory, omni channel sales & marketing and much more. 

why choose nko from aker biomarine?

Vertically integrated value chain

Aker BioMarine is the only krill oil supplier with a fully integrated value chain. From pristine Antarctic waters to our Montevideo logistics hub and Houston production plant, we have full overview of all operations from catch to capsule. 


Why choose NKO by Aker BioMarine?

Sustainable and traceable

Traceability and sustainability are a major part of our company DNA. 

Our custom built krill-harvesting vessels record the exact location of each krill catch which is associated with each batch of krill oil produced. This means that when you buy krill oil from us, you can be assured that we know exactly where each capsule comes from. 

Many consumers demand full transparency when it comes to the origin of their product choices and in particular when the product comes from our oceans.  Aker BioMarine's traceability tool allows you to track and share the origin of your krill oil and give the confidence and trust that your end-consumers expect when buying a premium dietary supplement. 



NKO krill oil is certified by Friends of the Sea

The vast majority of krill oil comes from the Southern Ocean in Antarctica, which is controlled by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR).

The 25-member-country convention requires every fishing boat to be licensed and sets strict limits on how they fish and how much they catch. The CCAMLR allows licensed krill operators in the Antarctic to collectively catch a limit of 620,000 tons of krill (around 1 percent of the total biomass) annually. That limit has never been reached.

The krill fishery is considered to be one of the most regulated and sustainable fishery in the world. NKO® is certified for sustainability by the nonprofit marine conservation group Friend of the Sea. 


Why choose NKO by aker biomarine

NKO krill oil and Eco Harvesting 

As part of the Aker BioMarine group, NKO® uses the proprietary Eco Harvesting method with the aim to respect and protect the harvesting areas from environmental impact. 

This gentle harvesting technique includes a net that doesn't harm other species and almost eliminates by-catch and preserves the nutritional integrity of the krill.

Your krill oil journey begins here


As part of the largest vertically integrated krill oil supplier in the world, our NKO teams are here to help you with any questions.

We're dedicated to the success of our customers. Whether you need assistance on consumer and industry insights, science and regulatory support,  go to market strategies and more...NKO teams are here to assist you in this journey.